We are accelerating

the future of work.

The next decade of work will be shaped by digitally-fuelled organizations that leverage the power of globalized work forces and agile technologies.

This new way of working not only provides customers with always on, anytime products and services. It also offers businesses the freedom and efficiency needed to focus on thriving, rather than just surviving.

No matter what the world throws at them.

Pragmatic, iterative and technology-enabled, at OKIN Group we're focused on making the world of work better.

With more than 4000 employees around the world, we incubate and grow companies that fundamentally change the way businesses work for the better.

With great agility and commitment, we drive out inefficiency, alleviate stresses, and make new ideas a reality.

Because better work means better business.

To achieve our mission we have built an enviable portfolio of group businesses to make work better.

The more the better. Our goal is to build an agile portfolio of technology-enabled businesses that collaborate in a mesh network to help our customers achieve better. No more hierarchies. No more bureaucracy.

Just focused, high impact businesses that can provide a rich mix of technology, infrastructure and human capital services.

Making integrated

facilities work better

Making emerging

technology work better

Making work better

with new ideas


OKIN labs is the innovation and venture arm of the OKIN Group, creating, incubating and investing in new ideas and companies that can help create the future of work.

Through a balance of internal innovation, external co-creation and targeted investments we are always searching, evaluating and developing the next generation of technologies and services to make work better.

Advanced artificial intelligence for healthcare and other complex data use cases.

Distributed technology solutions to make life better for field-based workers in any industry.

Real time asset monitoring and management using an advanced Internet of Things platform.

Rapid automation and streamlining of outdated business processes using robots.

Whatever you need to make better.

We're here to help you get it done.


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